Wax Melt Safety

Wax Melt Safety

Here are our tips to help you enjoy your wax melts safely.

First one is a biggie! Make sure your melter or burner is suitable for melts. Some are simply "oil burners" which are meant to hold a small amount of essential oils. This will quickly overfill if used with wax melts which is dangerous (as well as potentially ruining furniture!)

Our 2nd tip is to only use 4 hour (or less) tea lights. You can buy larger ones but these are sold for other uses and used in a burner can cause fires (we can speak from experience on this one!)

Be careful not to place your burner too close to an open window or door, this can cause hot wax to be blown out of the burner as well as affecting the scent throw.

Do not overload your burner, our wax comes in a variety of sizes and can be broken up into smaller pieces if required. You should always ensure the wax doesn't overflow and if you are worried you've put too much in soak some up with a cotton pad or blow out the candle and take any larger pieces that are left out carefully.

You should always keep your wax stash and any lit burners away from pets and children. If information on ingredients is required in case of emergency our number can be found on the packaging or you can look it up on our website.

Remove all packaging before placing the wax into the burner.

Never leave a burning tea light unattended.

Always place the burner on a suitable surface, remember the whole burner will get warm if using a tea light burner and this could cause scorch marks on furniture. Never move the burner while lit or still hot.

We try our best to make our wax look pretty but not pretty enough to eat. Please don't eat it, it doesn't taste great and will probably cause some pretty bad side effects. As above if information is needed in an emergency our number is on all the packaging and the information about ingredients and allergens is on each scent page. But please really try not to eat it!
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