About Us

We are Hannah & Lauren and we've been friends since pre-school. Both of us have young families and struggled to find the balance between working and fulfilling their needs so we came up with a plan to take over the world which led us to start our little wax empire. We're pleased you are here to join us on our journey and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

When you buy from us we do a little happy dance and you are helping support our mission to be there for our families at school events, looking after Grandparents and so much more.

Our Mission

When we started our business we wanted to provide amazing, strong scents that were affordable. We believe we have done this but along the way we've learnt there is so much more that goes into these wax melts.

We only use fragrance oils that the supplier guarantees as vegan friendly and cruelty free. We want to guarantee the best fragrances but not at the cost of animals.

We have thoroughly researched the safety and legal requirements of making and using wax melts. All our wax melts come with safety labels (CLP) attached with full details about the contents and contact details should they be needed in an emergency. On each page of our website you will find this information easily accessible so that if allergies or ingredients are potentially an issue for you, you can make an informed choice about our products. If you have any questions please ask.

We are fully insured with a reputable insurance company.

Your safety and enjoyment is our priority.

Contact Us

You can contact us via email info[@]hlwaxmelts.com, via post 3 Whitworth Crescent, NN6 0LR or via text message 07481961683.