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H&L Wax Melts

Snap Bar Scented Wax. 100% Soy Wax. Vegan Friendly. Handmade.

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Our snap bars can easily be snapped into 5 pieces to use in your wax burner. You will only need one piece at a time and this will usually last a few hours. These will come packaged in our recyclable clam shells.

When it's time to change your scent it's easier to slightly warm the wax and pour it into the bin or if it's fully melted take a cotton pad or some kitchen roll and soak the whole lot up. Make sure you give it a good wipe before your scent change to avoid cross contamination. 

For more information on scents including ingredients please see our Scent List.

Our wax snap bars are 100% soy wax with fragrance oils that are vegan friendly. Each one is handmade carefully at our Earls Barton workshops.

Colour and design of wax may vary.

Scent List


Bliss Unstoppable

Blue Sky

Fresh Linen

Fresh Unstoppable

Lenora Blue

Pet Odour Eliminator

Rose Wonderland

Strawberry & Lily

Sunny Days

Sunkiss Unstoppable

Uplift Unstoppable

Designer Dupes  *Fragrance oils designed to smell similar to other popular fragrances, we are not affiliated with any fragrance company.


Aventos for Men

Baby Powder

Black Opium


Ice Queen

La Vie Est Belle

Lime, Basil & Mandarin



Wedding Bells

Sweet Smells

Cinnamon Stick

French Vanilla

Glass Slipper

Pink Flamingo

Pink Magic

Rhubarb & Custard

Smell the Rainbow

Sweet Ginger Cake


Cherry Blossom

Coconut & Waterfalls

Dragon's Blood

Jasmine & Ylang Ylang

Lemongrass & Ginger

Midsummer Nights

Sleepy Head

Orange Blossom

Orange Clove

Vapour Rub